When a helicopter from an elite special operations unit is shot down, the pilot has only one hope: a covert team of CIA assassins.

It wasn’t supposed to be a rescue mission.

David Rivers and his team were sent to Jolo Island in the Philippines for one reason: to kill a brutal terrorist leader.

But when their target shoots down a US Army helicopter, David and his men must race to rescue the evading pilot before it’s too late.

Because now the enemy knows the Americans are on the island…and he wants to make sure they die there.

His first mission.

His first enemy.
And the decision that changes everything...

Before he was an assassin, David Rivers was a patriot.

One year after the 9/11 attacks, he serves as an Army Ranger in Afghanistan. 

His patrol enters the Shigal Valley, a desolate place with a fearsome reputation for enemy fighters—a reputation that David is about to experience firsthand.

As the first shots ring out over the valley, David must decide between military orders and gut instinct...and in the process, discover a hidden truth about himself.