The ranger Objective

An American Mercenary Short Story

His first mission.

His first enemy.
And the decision that changes everything...

Before he was an assassin, David Rivers was a patriot.

One year after the 9/11 attacks, he serves as an Army Ranger in Afghanistan.

His patrol enters the Shigal Valley, a desolate place with a fearsome reputation for enemy fighters—a reputation that David is about to experience firsthand.

As the first shots ring out over the valley, David must decide between military orders and gut instinct...and in the process, discover a hidden truth about himself.

Reader Reviews

This is as good as Vince Flynn and Brad Thor.

In all his faults, and strengths, David Rivers is the new king.

Jason Kasper's military experience allows him to so accurately describe the scene that you find yourself, right there, lying in the dirt, ducking the bullets!

...a rollicking great read from one of my favorite authors!

You will enjoy every minute of Jason Kasper's ability to weave a tightly compacted, rapidly paced storyline!

Superb characters, intense action, realistic scenarios from one who's 'been there, done that.'

"My heart was pounding."

"I cannot put his books down. "

"You can’t go wrong with this author."