The Manhattan JOb

Spider Heist Thrillers, Book 3

The Manhattan Job is the third installment of the heart-stoppingly suspenseful Spider Heist Thrillers series by USA Today bestselling author Jason Kasper.

Before she was a thief, Blair Morgan was an FBI agent…and her corrupt former boss sent her to jail as a scapegoat.

Now, she’s got all the evidence needed to take him down.

She just needs to steal it first.

But when her heist reveals that a master thief has beaten her to the punch, Blair finds her evidence up for sale in a bidding war between her crew, her enemy, and a mysterious figure known only as Fixer.

With ten days until the auction, Blair’s crew must find a way to determine Fixer’s identity and join forces before the man who put her in jail goes free forever…and then comes after her.

The journey will take her crew from their LA hideout to Washington DC and ultimately Manhattan, where the final victor will be determined once and for all.


the spider heist series

The Spider Heist is a nonstop thrill ride, with intriguing characters and layers of mystery that the author carefully unravels right to the very last page. Nothing in this captivating thriller is what it seems. My heart was in my throat until the very end, and once I reached the last word, all I wanted was more. 

-Lisa Regan, USA Today and WSJ Bestselling Crime Fiction Author

Jason Kasper weaves a masterful page-turner with The Spider Heist, starring his irresistible new character, Blair Morgan. If you like action, intrigue, suspense, and thrills, read this book.

-Jeff Carson, bestselling author of the David Wolf mystery series

This is a brilliant piece of writing packed with fast paced action. Lots of mystery, subterfuge, and the chase scene left me in awe!

Outstanding! Jason Kasper spins an intricate web of clues, second-guesses, and action around a cast of memorable characters that will keep readers hooked from the first page to the final twist. I dare you to try and put it down.

-LynDee Walker, Agatha Award-nominated author of the Nichelle Clarke series

The Spider Heist robbed me blind, stealing both time and sleep. Once I picked it up, this book sucked me in like few others have ever done. Kasper puts you front and center in one of the best heist stories I’ve ever come across.

-Brian Shea, author of the Boston Crime Thriller series and former detective

This is excellent. It is exceedingly rare when I get 75% of the way through a book with no idea how it will end, but still very much care how it ends, where I invest in the characters, where I am transfixed by the plot, and where I am as entertained as I was in reading The Spider Heist.